Homes with a high energy label are keeping more value: NVM

Well-insulated, low energy homes are commanding higher prices than identical properties without a high energy label, figures from Dutch real estate agents association NVM show. Currently all homes on the market need to have an energy label, and, the NVM says, the higher the label, the higher the price. For example, a house with an C label is now worth 11.6% more than the same property with a G, and between A and E the difference is as much as 14.6%. Given current house prices, that can mean around €50,000, the NVM said.

More than that, energy efficient homes sell more quickly than those without much in the way of insulation and buyers are more likely to bid over the asking price, the NVM said. ‘It is very clear that buyers are taking energy labels into account when bidding,’ spokesman Rieks van den Berg said. ‘Some two thirds of properties with an A, B or C label are selling for above the asking price, but this was 61% for an F property and 56% for one with a G label.’ House prices fell overall some 5.8% between the second and third quarter of the year.