Property valuation

To get a mortgage for your home or changing your mortgage, the bank requires that a professional appraiser has carried out a property valuation. This gives the bank the assurance that the amount of funding does not exceed the home’s market value, which serves as collateral for the loan.


In recent years the regulations on property valuations have been tightened. Most major mortgage len- ders only accept reports from official, independent NWWI (Dutch Housing Evaluation Institute) appraisers. This means the report conforms to the conditions laid down by the NWWI, and being independent means not being involved with the sale of the property. Our NWWI appraiser is Rieks van den Berg, who is certified by VastgoedCert, TMI and the NRTV.

A property valuation consists of following activities:
• Cadastral investigation
• Zoning plan investigation
• Soil information
• Market research based on comparable sales transactions
• Inspection of the home, apartment or commercial property
• calculations based on living area, taking into account the plot area
• Rating the location and surroundings
• If necessary, a validation of the report by the NWWI Institute

AB Makelaars also does property valuations for shopping and business premises. If you have any questions or would like a quotation, please contact us.